Confessions of a New York To-Be-Wed

Life leading up to my July 29th nuptials!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Secrets of a New York NEWBIE-Wed!

Here are some fun (and not-so-fun) facts about my wedding.

1. 51 Poeple travelled from out-of-state to come to our wedding, including the bride and groom.

2. The Chester Boys made a special appearance at the Pre-Wedding Karaoke Party.

3. On July 28th, 2006- the day before the big day- I got a SPEEDING TICKET!!! The damage: $132

4. The bride and groom narrowly beat out the groom's father and brother in an impromptu kayaking race.

5. 50 goldfish were harmed in the making of this wedding.

6. 5 guests who RSVP'd "yes" did not show up (I was warned about 2 of them), 1 person dissappeared before the reception and 1 unexpected person did attend.

7. We had a 10 piece band, The Players Club, who were awesome!

8. There were 55 bobby pins in my hair.

9. I lost 1 button on my dress

10. As my new husband and I were checking into the W Hotel Seattle on our wedding night, who else was checking in too? Well, none other than one of Bones' favorite musicians of all time, Trey Anastasio! The lead guitarist of Phish! And yes, Bones went over and spoke with him for a minute or two, he was very nice... Trey was nice too. Bones' joke: "Forever and ever, July 29th, 2006 will always be remembered as the day I met Trey." Ha frickin' Ha.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bones Wrote This!

A two-way conversation:

10 Days from now- and I'll be a MARRIED MAN...

Wait- Who?



Yes, us- YOU and ME, a married man.

Whoa- that's heavy. But we get Laura, right?

Yes- that's why we're doing it.

Did I approve this?

Yes- remember, she was driving in Seattle, we were stuck in traffic-

-The three of us?

Yes, the three of us- we were stuck in traffic, and we looked over at her, and
just decided, just like that- we decided we wanted to be with her forever give
her hugs and kisses, and make it official, and maybe even have kids, and the
whole deal.

And I ok'd this?

YES- you were there.

I must have been smitten.

Yeah- that's the point.

Am I STILL smitten?

I dunno- I am.

Yeah, me too. Ok, fine- As long as we get Laura, I'm in.
So 10 days from now- do I still get to play X-BOX?

We'd better!

Should we take it with us to Seattle just in case?

No- that's a little much... well... no- we shouldn't- too much to carry.

Oh yeah- well, I wasn't gonna carry it- I thought I could convince YOU to..

You still don't get that, do you?

Get what?

The whole shared body thing...

What about it?

When I'M carrying something, it means YOU'RE carrying- forget it.

Anyway, so what are we going to do the next ten days?

I thought we'd PREPARE somehow.

Ooh- Like "compose our spirit"?

Sure- and that means.... I dunno.

Me either.

So- what else?

Well, we oughtta AT LEAST send out an email- you haven't done that for a bit.

I've been busy- why didn't YOU do it?

Nothing to say, still WAITING for a contract on the book,
and we haven't seen this supposed OLIVE GARDEN spot you're supposed to be in-

You're in it too-

-Yeah, whatever, but there's been no news.

True, well let's send one out right now, ok?

Fine- what'll we call it?

How about "The end of an Era", or "Titanic", or something like that?

Too Hollywood.

Ok- then "Pirates of the Carribean"!

I just said TOO HOLLYWOOD.

Ok, ok- then "Captain Kirk's Guide To Women"

What the hell is wrong with you?


There it is.



Too long.

Ok then- "MARRIED IN TEN!!"

TWO exclamation points?


Ok, Great.



You're on.

I"m gonna kick your ass...

Bring it!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Their slogan is "Forget the fear, worry about the addiction." It is SO true. I've lived in New York for almost six years and all that time I've never been to Trapeze School New York- until now! That's right, TRAPEZE! No, I'm not going to run off and join the circus (yet)...I just did it for fun, although it feels like I got a pretty good workout- I'm sore all over. SOAR all over?! Ha ha! And the 2 hour class just flew by. Huh, huh, FLEW by?! Ha Ha. I give Trapeze School New York my HIGHEST recommendation!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Requesting the Honour...

Yay! I sent out our wedding invitations! What a great feeling. It's partly a feeling of relief (a big to-do to cross off on a very big to-do list) and partly a feeling of "entering the home stretch." Mostly, though, it's a feeling of the joy and excitement in sharing, in declaring to the world that we've got something great to celebrate. Yeah, yeah, I sent out a save-the-date, and we've told everyone we know that we're getting hitched, but this makes it, I dunno, official! Not only that, but I'm actually very proud of the invites themselves. Not only are they super cute, but my matron-of-honor handmade each and every invitation. How cool is that?! They are that much more special because of the love and the care she put into making them. Oh yeah, and they also didn't cost a fortune... (What's with the whole blowing a big wad on weddings thing? That's a blog for another day.) Anyway, planning is good, and good friends are great.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


Strapless gown... the middle of Summer... wedding photos to last a lifetime... and just ONE DAY in the sun wearing the wrong thing and you could look like this! Yipes!
I love spending lazy days in Central Park, playing dominos with my fiance in my bikini, or just laying out in Sheep's Meadow, soaking in the sun and the city. (Wasn't it a BEAUTIFUL day today? And it's only April!) I know that I've got to be careful over the next 3 months. So I go shopping for a strapless bikini, a bandeau top if you will. I go to H&M (always promising for finding INEXPENSIVE swimwear) and I cannot find ONE bandeau bikini! What's up with that? Don't the trend setters know that I'm getting married this Summer in a strapless gown!?!?

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Best Way to Spend 5 Bucks in New York

I am an actress, I live in New York City, and I'm getting married in July. Simply put, I'm a girl on a budget. You know why I love this city?! Because you don't need to spend 100 bucks on a ticket to a Broadway show to have a good time or a 'New York' don't even need to pay a fat cover charge to get into whatever THE hot night club supposedly is just to spend $10 a drink once you're inside to have a fun night out... I freakin' LOVE NYC, because of shows like the one I saw last night- and it only cost 5 bucks.
Three words: Red Hots Burlesque. Sexy, Theatrical, Funny, Upbeat, Daring, did I say Funny... everything you could ask for in an awesome night out in New York. Oh yeah, and don't you just love a theatre (aka a stage in the back of a skeevy East Village bar) where you get to scream and cheer and be a little rowdy? (None of this 'Silence is Golden' movie theatre crap- BORING.)

I Heart NY

ps. I have to give props to Red Hots Burlesque's special guests last night God's Pottery... HI....LAR...IOUS! Heck, read their blog.

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Single Box

I just finished doing my taxes! Yay! And I checked the 'Single' filing status box for the last time. Weird.
But seriously folks, this year was probably the easiest time I've had doing my taxes; I remembered things that I needed to look out for because of my specific situation and easily avoided pitfalls that I've fallen into in the past. It's about time I'm getting the hang of it. Well, next year its gonna be a whole new ball game, huh?
Meanwhile, my fiance is filing for an extension... ha ha!